Who is Lesa Nichols?

Lesa Nichols has spent over two decades guiding numerous clients to improved performance by applying the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS). 

Lesa started a unique career path in 1982 which included positions as: 

  • Legislative staff for a U.S. Senator 
  • Press secretary for a Kentucky Governor election campaign 

  • Public relations support for Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, KY from plant construction though multi-model vehicle introduction 

In 1992, Lesa became the Manager of Research & Training at Toyota’s newly created Supplier Support Center (TSSC). Lesa was responsible for developing and delivering training that would support the TPS work happening on the shop floor. 

As a way to learn the real-world issues companies’ faced to implement TPS, Lesa worked as a Production Manager in TMMK’s Powertrain facility from 1998-2001.   

After leaving Toyota, prior to launching her own consultancy, Lesa spent four years guiding clients of the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP) to successful enterprise level improvements.   

Currently, Lesa and her team at LNC help organizations understand how and why to utilize TPS as a competitive operations management system. 

Lesa currently lives in Louisville, KY