Meet Lesa Nichols


Lesa Nichols has spent over two decades guiding a vast array of clients toward improved performance by applying the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS). She is one of the nation’s foremost experts of TPS, a system of pulling together all elements needed for customer-focused operations: skilled people, effective machines, trusted materials, repeatable methods and supportive systems.




Also known as the Thinking Peoples' System, TPS is rooted in the Japanese concept of "Kaizen," meaning "continuous improvement."

For LNC, our goal for all our clients is to improve on a daily basis.TPS informs every aspect of Lesa and her team's strategy to improve efficiencies and strengthen businesses of any size.

LEGO Serious Play


Lesa has been searching for methods to infuse the work with energy, curiosity, collaboration and a collective sense of mission from the beginning. Her hunch was LEGO SERIOUS PLAY would help get quicker, deeper engagement, an overflowing bank of trust, and commitment that can withstand all manner of challenges.