It takes a lot to see

091211_cellphoneI remember when I couldn't see much either,and sometimes it's still hard for me. I remember the first time we tried to see together. Now that was really hard.

You, hiding behind your cell phone to avoid interacting with me. We can laugh about it now, but I wasn't smiling then.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - assumptions are seriously dangerous. I assumed you thought you were too busy to be wasting time looking around the shop floor.

I know better now. You work hard at what you do and it's not easy once you have reached the top to let people see what you don't know. So it was easier to hide - behind the phone, in your office...

But now you have a different view; More open to explore the operations with respectful questions and genuine interest.

We walk together now, stopping to see, what's needed for people to excel at what they do. I see you are proud of the people here making products that are filled with value.

And all the unseen improvements that have made the customers happy and coming back for more. No need to hide now, you can put your cell phone in your pocket and lean in to get a better look at how the work is done.

Focused, intent, curious... we almost bump heads. We see a lot more - and better too now that we are looking and listening, together for the barriers in the way of adding value so we can break through them, one by one.

Who knew "seeing" could be so much fun?